Christmas is approaching with its sparkling lights, its laughter, its good smells of biscuits, citrus fruits and festivities. Children's eyes sparkle. The magic of this time of year can be felt in the air and grows as the days go by. It is a time of care and emotion.

To bring the family together and enjoy a creative moment, why not make your own Christmas decorations?


The wreath is the Christmas decoration that symbolises all the joy of the holiday season.
Hanging on the door or placed inside the house, it represents a whole shared universe.

Here are some tips on how to make it with natural materials:
- 8 flexible wicker rods or 8 flexible branches
- Raffia
- Thread and needle
- Scissors
- Evergreen or coniferous branches, fir, holly, eucalyptus, little red robin, Japanese aucuba, etc.
- Pine cones, ribbons, star anise and dried orange slices

First, the base of the wreath should be assembled with the stems in a circular shape and intertwined with the raffia.

Once the structure is solid and well rounded, you can slide in your branches and leave no visible space. However, four spaces can be reserved for candles. In order to respect the environment, give preference to local trees when choosing branches.

Now decorate your wreath with the pine cones, ribbons, star anise and dried orange slices by attaching them to the thread with the needle on the branches. You have your beautiful wreath.


Already in ancient Rome, during the Saturnalia celebrations that were held just before the winter solstice, the Romans used to hang evergreen boughs and wreaths on their houses. Mistletoe, ivy and oak were used.
This was a way of honouring the return of the sun, representing its cycle and light and signifying that nature would soon turn green again. Later, in Germany and the Nordic countries, the wreath became the advent wreath to wait for Christmas. Then, this tradition will spread throughout the world.


To make candles that light up and give your home a hygge atmosphere, here is a simple technique. For four wellness candles you need:
- 4 small glass containers
- 200 g beeswax
- 20 g hazelnut oil
- 20 drops of mandarin essential oil
- 4 cotton wicks

Place a bowl in a double boiler, add the wax and oil and cook over a low heat. When the mixture is liquid, pour in the essential oil and fill the containers, remembering to place the wicks upright. Decorate your candles with flower petals or cinnamon sticks by sliding them into the candle after the wick. Leave to set for 24 hours.

Your handmade candles can now light up your living spaces with a sweet festive scent.


To make your guests experience a real fairy tale, decorate your table with resplendent, homemade objects inspired by nature. You can paint coloquintes, branches or even fruits with gold or silver colours.
They will give a precious touch, as if taken from a wonderful story. Placed on a colourful table runner, your table will become an elegant story to discover.


Whether placed on presents or sent out, the traditional end-of-year greetings card, the object of gentle thoughts, can be decorated with plants picked up during a walk.
Leaves, twigs, feathers and flowers can be added to the white glue, with a clip, to embellish your card and transmit a piece of nature with your message. The colours of this attention will amaze the recipient with poetry.

Spending time with family and friends, reliving memories and making new ones, Christmas is a time full of warmth. It's a time to go back to childhood.
With these creations, give your home decor a personal touch for the holidays.

"At Christmas, let's have fun, let's enjoy it, because Christmas is only once a year." Thomas TusserEnglish poet and farmer of the 16th century.

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