Often all it takes is a positive emotion, a gentle human touch, to forget the darkest hours and see the fire of Life appear in a comforting crackle, with a primordial energy full of warmth.



That tiny spark of joy, which sometimes gets lost in the night and which our hand can light up to pass on to another. That discreet glow that at any moment, if we look for it, suddenly sets our heart ablaze and makes us go from fear to laughter, is well and truly there in us, despite the movement and noise of the world, preserved.

Our heart, in the constancy of this self-sustaining fire, can at any time find it and feel its benefits.

Looking for it deep inside, perceiving it in the eyes or words of a fellow human being is a way of reconnecting with the best of oneself. In one's life projects, in one's ideas, in one's daily life, this burning force leads us to go beyond the cold of fears and to find Life again.

Like the sun that shines through the cool mists in the early morning, this comforting morning fire is there, given to us by Nature, ready to inspire us and warm the horizons of the day.

Photo Credit: Solen Delrue

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