The Dragonfly

Universal symbol of balance and transmission

Like the dragonfly, our Art of Living is based on the balance observed in Nature, that perfect harmony between cycles, seasons, elements, complementary principles and the senses.

Present for more than 350 million years, the life of the dragonfly is in permanent balance between the water of its birth, the earth and the air of its existence, the light of its colours.

It is the perfect symbol of adaptation to the pressures of the environment, travelling from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day, present on the 5 continents and known by all peoples. Since time immemorial it has symbolised the world of childhood, femininity, lightness, joy..., through numerous tales and legends.

Its wings, at the four cardinal points of its slender body, form a link between Earth and Heaven, between past, present and future, between everything and everyone.



This symbol of harmony leads us to never look for more but for the best in each of our creations, in each season, each moment and each person.
In our Art of Living, everything is linked to this quest for balance; balance of the worlds, balance of people, balance of Life.

If we were to remember only one thing: the Art of Living is not about feeling better. It exists to feel good.

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