It is one of those projects that appear and grow in a surprising and yet so natural way, until they blossom to share their vision of well-being.

This is the case of Beauty Garden, a manufacturer of organic cosmetics that has turned the vegetable garden into an ally of beauty and care.

In their garden in Auriac in the Corrèze, in the middle of a sunny nature where the rain offers its waters to the generous earth, the small team sows, harvests, transforms and packages flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Their care products, each with its own beneficial effects, are thus developed.

This is the case with their organic night serum with white flowers of wild carrot, elderberry and chamomile. This flowery serum allows cell regeneration and the reduction of fine lines during sleep through an intense nourishing effect.

A few drops are all that is needed to use the precious oil, which should be rubbed between the hands just before applying it to the cleansed skin of the face and neck. It is a 100% natural care for a smoother and more supple skin.


Focus on the Beauty Garden eco-designer

Marie Bardou is attentive to the preservation of the environment in the manufacturing process of its products and this is achieved through a multitude of attentions that are invisible to the consumer. 

For her, each product offered must be truly useful. This is why the Beauty Garden range focuses on minimalism, concentrating on essential needs in order to be part of a sustainable development approach.

In the garden, an insect hotel has been installed to welcome the actors of a healthy balance for the plants. Pesticides are thus avoided for the benefit of a healthier Earth.

The materials used and preferred are biodegradable, such as eco-designed wooden and glass packaging. All the members of the team have also become specialists in finding a second life for items destined for destruction. The environmental footprint is therefore modest for these craftsmen who daily animate with their hands and transmit with their ideas a message of harmony with Nature.

Responsible and committed craftsmen to discover on : https://www.beautygarden.com/fr/content/6-nous-sommes-agriculteurs

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Photo credit: Solen Delrue

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