For the summer, we offer you a selection of books written by women from different eras and in different styles.

At the water's edge, in the forest, in a field or on a sunny terrace, here are the stories to discover or rediscover for your holidays.



A year in the country by Sue Hubell

Leaving everything behind to become a beekeeper, the writer tells us her life story, a story of reality in the heart of nature.

The desire to change her daily life, with her husband, pushes her to go to the mountains and build a bee farm. It is then that she discovers a gigantic nature, full of lessons. The ecosystems reveal themselves to her, little by little. Everything is immense, rich and vast.

This book is an escape into the great outdoors, a dive into the observation of trees, birds and living things.


On the back of birds by Sarah Marquis

An archaeological mystery, an adventure in the wilderness and travels around the world, the author takes us into a breathtaking plot.

The explorer's first novel is easy to read and throws us into the fast-paced action. As the pages turn, a true path of initiation is revealed.

The dynamic characters enliven a world that mixes detective fiction and storytelling, and is a book to escape to.




The Lover by Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras, icon of the new French novel, takes us back in time to the 1930s on the banks of the Mekong, in a society that was still traditionalist.

With personal memories of adolescence, she tells a powerful and complex love story in a writing of intimacy.

This book, which was awarded the Goncourt prize in 1984, takes us on a journey and conveys a great deal of sincere emotion.


Corinne or Italy of Germaine de Staël

In this book, which lays the foundations for feminism, the heroine is talented and discovers the warm beauty of Italy through her journey.

The characters provide a comparison of English, Italian and French mores with colourful personalities of the early Romantic period.

Exiled to Switzerland by Napoleon, who considered her powerful and politically dangerous, Madame de Staël is a leading figure of French Romanticism.



Fires of Perrine Le Querrec

In a collection that places fire as the red line of her work, the author reveals her writings on the power of this transformative element.

She gently leads us to think and feel a deep and generous poetry.

It is a journey through history, culture and human ideas. A perfect read to be caught up in the magic of words.


The contagious smile of butter croissants by Camille Andrea

This novel is the perfect way to cut through the hustle and bustle of everyday life and start to relax in a gentle way.

It's the story of a successful businessman who has everything going for him in life, until a former hot dog vendor offers him a million dollar coffee.

From this coffee comes travel and a profound quest to reconnect with oneself. This is a good book for the summer.

Enjoy your reading and feel free to share your impressions of these books with us.

Photo Credit: Vincent Leroux

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