Settling down on the sofa, in an armchair, sharing a moment or taking a break, reading a book or watching a good film, the festive season is a time for discovery and relaxation.

Discover our selection of readings that tell of the wonderful beauties of nature.


The Agroecological Garden ManualActes Sud

Discovering agro-ecology on the scale of one's own vegetable garden, its techniques, its ecological advantages, these are the subjects of this book in simple and didactic language. To feed oneself, to reconnect with the Earth while respecting one's health and regenerating the soil. With this manual, the Mas de Beaulieu garden provides the essential keys to growing your own crops.

Tomorrow an Agroecological EuropeActes Sud

Reflect on a new global model of agriculture, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Reforming rural landscapes and reinviting biodiversity with systems that rely on the strength of ecosystems. This book by agronomists presents solutions and experiences of pioneering farms whose Domaine des Etangs. It is an ode to an environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

The amazing life of plantsActes Sud Junior

Written and illustrated by biologist Francis Hallé with Rozenn Torquebiau, this book for children explains in a playful way how plants interact with their environment. Plants heal, nourish, protect, they are companions of life with an unsuspected intelligence. This book introduces children to the world of living things from a very early age.

Draw me your planetActes Sud

This book is a collection, the meeting of several personalities; activist, gardener, scientist, film director, spaceman. Through their experiences and life paths, they share their personal thoughts on the future of our planet.
In this book, the story of the Little Prince is revisited on the naturalist boards of the Deyrolle company. It is an atypical and exciting discovery.

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StardustPoints Sciences

This book, written by the popular scientist Hubert Reeves, is a dive into the heart of the Universe, the planets, gravity, galaxies and the mystery of life. The author simply explains how matter forms this infinite whole. The influence of this Universe is also described on the biology of the Earth and on our world, which, after reading it, we see in a different light.

Between two infinitiesActes Sud Junior

The author, Florence Pinaud, talks in this book about the infinitely large and the infinitely small, their similarities and the mechanisms of this whole which is in constant dialogue. She takes children on a journey through several dimensions, revealing the secrets of the universe.

Learning to seeActes Sud

Written by an art historian, Estelle Zhong Mengual, this book takes a new look at the living world by questioning our cultural heritage, the symbols and the emotions associated with Nature. Between museum and forest, the author connects us to the living in a new, contemplative and sensitive way.


There was a forest

Discover the fantastic story of the long life of a primary forest and its cycle of regeneration. This 2013 film, directed by Luc Jacquet, was written in collaboration with botanist Francis Hallé, who has spent his life observing and trying to understand this ecosystem.
Over a period of seven centuries, the viewer is immersed in this fantastic development with bright illustrations on the images and lively music. Get to know the richness of the canopies and what they contain.

Prophecy of the frogs

This animated film, released in 2003 by the Folimage studio, tells the great adventure of a family isolated on the high seas by a terrible flood. Their house becomes a boat and shelters many species of animals that have embarked in the face of danger. A great journey then follows.
The potatoes will save them and help them to prepare Chips. Fries that will create a rebellion and many upsets. This is a beautiful story, tinged with humour and deeply human moments of exchange.

To discover nature in a different way, to perceive its multiple facets, its richness, to rethink the relationship we have with it. These books and films make us perceive our environment in a new way. They invite us to do better by caring for the earth and thinking about sustainability.

What are your favourite books and films about nature?

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