With the arrival of Autumn, renew your space and create an atmosphere that suits you.

Discover our inspirations for a pure and original decoration that perfectly matches your interior.

Bring nature into your home by integrating natural materials, handcrafted objects or exceptional pieces, creating a new atmosphere that invites you to relax and feel good.


A true living material, wood brings a certain warmth to a space, but also character. It has a patina and blends easily with other materials. It evokes the forest and its noble species while enhancing the furniture. Here is one of our exceptional creations for Dragonfly:


This inlaid ash cigar box is the ultimate example of craftsmanship. Its mahogany interior is the secret touch of this object shaped by hand and traditional craftsmanship. 

On a chest of drawers or displayed in an epicurean tasting corner, this magnificent piece intrigues and catches the eye with its topographic relief that illustrates the exact geography of the Domaine des Etangs in Charente Limousine.

Whatever the atmosphere or decoration, this box will find its place. Beyond storage, this box is a true heritage of precise gestures and knowledge of woodworking, transmitted for four generations.


Obtained after firing kaolin at high temperature, porcelain is the fruit of a long tradition of French manufacturing and an art of living attached to receiving at home. Fine and translucent, it brings a touch of delicacy to your interior and highlights the arts of the table.

Our unique creation, "Envolée", is inspired by the dragonfly, emblem of the Domaine des Etangs. A real jewel in terms of quality, finesse and each of its handmade and gilded details, this cup invites you to enjoy your coffee or tea in a moment of suspended lightness.

Come and discover it on our online store with many other creations featuring this beautiful material.



The work of iron is an art practiced for centuries. A living know-how still animated by the cutlery factories of the Périgord which value the robustness of this material omnipresent in the modern interiors.

The Winged Blade Folding Knife is a must-have to follow you through all your adventures. Forged from three different steels, with a wooden handle that has been dried for over four years, it is a solid, quality piece. Carved in the shape of the dragonfly, the beauty of its lines brings a beautiful uniqueness to this object.

An original gift idea, for a guaranteed favorite.



As a primary material, ceramics evokes the sunny lands of the South, the clay and the varied colors of the landscape.
Used in the past to transport foodstuffs, its properties allowed for better conservation.
Timeless, ceramics is now a must in the world of decoration. With its roughness, texture and sobriety, it considerably softens the interiors.

We offer exceptional and contemporary objects, traditionally made with ancestral techniques, such as rope. What to get inspired to create a new atmosphere and learn to mix materials.



Formed from molten sand through fusion, glass lets light into a space. Whether melted, tempered, or cut from a block, it comes in all shapes and sizes.

For the Arts of the table or to create a masterpiece of exhibition, it knows how to surprise and transmits all its purity in your living space.


The modern elegance of this Givre model invites itself to your table with taste. It is a glass worked in relief, tinted in a palette of intense inky blacks and hypnotic sea blues that reveal sophisticated and dynamic undulations. It can easily be combined with the different colors of your tableware and seduces with its refined and atypical design.

We'll see you soon for new discoveries around crafts, decoration and French know-how. 

"At work, we know the craftsman. Jean de la Fontaine

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