In Nature everything is care, each element, each season, brings its benefits. Nature is profoundly benevolent, like a mother, it acts in the direction of our reconnection to the essential, our first needs.

The industrial era is reducing the living, cutting us off from the earthly and natural energy to which we must open our hearts and our sensitivity. However, it is enough to observe the fauna, the flora, the earth and its meridians, the ecosystems, to understand that this virtuous circle of nature only wants us to be good, that we are one with it.

Fruits and seasonal vegetables are a good example, they are there because the body demands their contribution, they correspond to the seasonal needs of the body. They are the virtues of food, they heal the body. All women and men, inspired by and in contact with Nature in their work, are like guardians of the Earth. They preserve it, heal it and are rooted in it.

We are the Earth and we are Nature, reconnecting humans to the logic of Nature is to maintain these roots of Life, individual and collective, and to transmit from generation to generation a philosophy, an essentialbalance .

"Caring for the Earth is caring for yourself.
Caring for yourself is caring for each other." Garance Primat


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