Flask - Housse rouge vin

33 €

A recycled glass water bottle with a cork cover, a wooden stopper and a 100% recycled polyester cord.

A unique, sleek design with a neck that is just the right size to avoid staining.

With its strap, it transforms from a simple water bottle to an all-terrain water bottle for a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout the day.

Taste and odour free. No endocrine disruptors.


600ml capacity
An ideal 2.3cm diameter drinking neck


A wooden stopper
A 100% recycled polyester cord
A hand-sewn cork fabric cover
Made from 75% recycled glass

Care and use advice

Dishwasher safe
Can be stored in the fridge
Rinse with warm water and soap before first use
Dry upside down
Store with container open


Ecob is an ethical brand that wants to allow as many people as possible to adopt an eco-responsible gesture on a daily basis, without any effort, with its sustainable water bottles with a unique design

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