Estelle Zhong Mengual (Author)

Learning to see the point of view of the living

29 €

Like Baptiste Morizot, who combines philosophy and natural sciences to think about the ways of being alive, Estelle Zhong Mengual works to hybridize art history and naturalist knowledge to take an enriched look at the living world.
Learning to See is a scholarly but always accessible, exciting, intimate book when the author shares her experience of ferns or eagle owls, a guide that blurs the boundaries between museums and forests, a vade mecum to carry around with you at all times to renew our connection to art and nature, to rekindle our sense of wonder and intensify our presence in the world.

Author: Estelle Zhong Mengual
Publisher: Actes Sud
Publication date: June 2021
Number of pages: 256
Format: 16 x 22

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