Box of 3 wooden infusions

39 €

Designed in accordance with our eco-friendly values, this poplar wood box is made in France in the Jura region and has been designed to be durable. Indeed, after tasting, keep and reuse it easily in your daily life as a pen box, make-up box, etc.. The essential oils also fit nicely in it!

This beautiful box invites you to discover 3 infusions with original and varied flavours:
-Mama Detox (mix of beneficial organic plants to help you eliminate toxins)
-Mama Digest (tasty mix of beneficial organic plants based on peppermint, green aniseed and cardamom and 90% French origin!)
-Mama Relax (mix of relaxing organic plants based on lemon balm and lavender flowers)

An original and quality gift idea for well-being.

3 smoked glass jars to preserve the flavour of the plants. All presented in a screen-printed natural poplar wood box.

20,05 x 8 x 8 cm

Mama Detox: Lemongrass*, stinging nettle*, meadowsweet*, orange peel*, heather flowers*. *from organic farming.

Mama Digest: Peppermint*, Yarrow*, green anise*, fennel*, whole cardamoms*. 90% French origin. *from organic farming.

Mama Relax: Lemon balm*, orange blossom*, lavender flowers*, mallow flowers*. *from organic farming.

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