On the Wild side

Daytime Fluid

49 €


A light-textured fluid enriched with hyaluronic acid of plant origin to moisturise and plump the skin.
Formula based on wild plants with exceptional regenerating and revitalising properties.
A very light and watery texture that penetrates instantly, without a greasy finish. 


Organic formula, 100% natural origin, zero synthetic ingredients, vegan.
100% French production in a short circuit. 
FSC cardboard box: for every tree cut, a tree replanted.

For our Day Fluid, we have selected natural ingredients that moisturize, plump and give a glow to the skin.
Plumping hyaluronic acid of plant origin.
Sunflower oil which softens and nourishes. 
Chamomile water that soothes and restores radiance.
Olive oil that nourishes and tones. 
Plum oil and grape seed oil which fight the signs of skin ageing. 
Camelina oil, which gives the skin elasticity, soothes and regenerates it.
Hemp oil moisturises, softens and firms tired, irritated and dehydrated skin.
Wakame, which regenerates and detoxifies. 

Two active ingredients from wild plants: beech bud and birch sap. In synergy, these two active ingredients allow : The improvement of cell regeneration.
The reinforcement of the skin's barrier function.
The slowing down of the oxidative stress process.

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