Camille Muller

Hands in the Earth

49,90 €

The French landscape gardener Camille Muller made a name for himself very early on with his gardens, which were sometimes very lavish and sometimes very pure, but in which nature and ecology played a major role, at a time when this was not yet fashionable.
His gardens are above all marked by his great artistic sensitivity, combined with a deep knowledge of plants, which allow him to create each time very inventive and unique gardens.

The reader follows his artistic journey through 17 of his most beautiful gardens, beautifully photographed by Claire de Virieu, who has been following his work for over 10 years. For each of the gardens, "ecological and botanical notes" provide practical information on the plants and materials used, and the landscaper's approach. Camille Muller's very personal creative process is explained in detail in a central booklet dedicated to the Lantilly garden.

Author: Camille Muller
Beautiful book (paperback) in French
Publisher: Eugen Ulmer Eds
Publication date: October 2012
Number of pages: 260
Format: 28 x 29 cm

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