Herb Kit - Red (Mint, Coriander, Thyme)

27,90 €

With the BIO* Red herb kit, grow your mint, coriander and thyme all year round indoors. 

This kit contains the elements you need to grow your herbs. With the help of the instruction booklet, you can follow the steps and plant your herbs in decorative glass jars. 

Seeds from organic farming.

This kit contains :

  • 3 organic* seed packets: Mint, Coriander and Thyme
  • 3 glass jars: 8.6 cm in diameter and 13.5 cm high. That is to say a 66 cl jar
  • 3 bags of perlite: To help with hydroculture
  • 3 dehydrated soil pellets: To be hydrated in order to obtain a dose of soil
  •  3 labels: To indicate the contents of each jar
  •  3 macramé cords: To attach the labels
  • A practical guide: To assist you in growing herbs

Practical advice

Plant Planting Watering Harvest
Mint from March (all year round indoors) wet soil, water in the morning as and when consumed
Coriander from March (all year round indoors) water regularly in fine rain until emergence (2 weeks) harvest the leaves as they are consumed
Thyme plant in spring (all year round indoors) high need for high all year round but more aromatic when in flower

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