Our Story

"The Art of Life is the search for balance from, with and through Nature; to feel that everything is linked to the cycles of the seasons, to the ecosystems, to the circularity of this benevolent and protective Earth.

Garance Primat


Garance Primat, creative and committed founder, received from her parents an education close to the Earth, always respecting and preserving the values and heritage of the living. Her love for Nature inspires her to create an Art of Life, which guides her in multiple activities and which is presented, from 2010, at the Domaine des Etangs. This place of anchorage, composed of 1,000 hectares of preserved nature in the heart of the Charente Limousine, is an ecosystem of well-being. In this setting, the visitor is invited to reconnect with Nature and the beauty that surrounds it in order to bring the essential back to the centre of our Lives.

In 2015, the innovative concept of offering an Art of Living inspired by Nature was born, with the ambition of marketing products. Imagined and designed by Garance Primat, Quinta Essentia is a universe of brands committed to the preservation and transmission of a tangible and intangible heritage. It is symbolised by the dragonfly, all balance and lightness, evolving between Heaven and Earth in a perfect dance between the elements, the seasons and the cycles of life.

Our brand Dragonflybrand, the result of a creative exchange and sharing with craftsmen and designers, brings Nature into your home with unique contemporary objects that highlight regional resources and French know-how in an ethical and eco-responsible manner. Dragonfly is the link between Tradition and Creation.

Our universe aspires to create an ecosystem of well-being, with respect for the Earth and its soils, for human beings, for beautiful work and beautiful gestures.

With this in mind, we wanted to offer in our shop and on our website, in addition to our own creations, a selection of products from French partner brands created with an ethical conscience without ever questioning the excellence of the quality. 

We accompany nature as harmoniously as possible. Because it is nature, and the respect of its laws, that gives life to our projects. Nature's intelligence is immense. We dive into the great book of nature to learn from it. As Albert Einstein said so well: "Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better".