François Fressin (Author) - Martin Rees (Preface)

3 minutes to understand the 50 greatest discoveries in astronomy

18 €

What is the temperature on Venus? What is the difference between a pulsar and a quasar? Should we speak of a universe or a "multiverse"? Where do we Earthlings fit into this vastness? How do we represent the cosmic microwave background? And above all: are there other forms of life elsewhere? This is finally a book of "intelligent popularisation", which will help you to understand the 50 greatest astronomical observations in history. So don't wait any longer and set off to discover other planets, other galaxies, and who knows, other forms of life?

Author: François Fressin
Preface: Martin Rees
Translation: Dominique Piolet-Françoise
Publisher: Courrier du Livre
Collection : 3 minutes to understand
Publication date: June 2013
Number of pages: 160
Format: 18 x 23 cm

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