Delphine Chedru (Author)

99 tomatoes and a potato

15,90 €

1 game book to play at least 99 times!

Can you count 99 different planes? 99 tools, 99 fish, 99 cars, 99 cats, 99 tomatoes...? And can you find the odd one out that makes 100?

A new book-game imagined by Delphine Chedru to learn to count to 99, to observe the plates teeming with objects and colours, to note all the details, and to have fun finding an intruder! And don't forget to find the potato that is hidden somewhere in the book.

So you can play alone or with others, over and over again! At least 99 times!

From 3 years

Author: Delphine Chedru
Publisher: Helium
Publication date: September 2020
Number of pages: 32
Format: 22 x 35cm

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