David Melbeck, Silvain Leparoux

Taking action for nature in the garden

24 €

Multiplying habitats. Digging a pond, transforming a lawn into a flowering meadow, planting a hedge, preparing a compost, building a dry stone wall, creating an orchard... these are just some of the topics that this book invites you to discover.

Essential plants for the natural garden. Oregano, black elder, hawthorn and other knapweeds: knowing them, planting them and caring for them.

Facilities for each species. A winter refuge for ladybirds, an incubator for lizards, a pond for newts, a shelter for muskrats, nesting boxes for titmice, swifts and night raptors.

But also practical advice on how to build and install nest boxes as well as tips on how to sow, cut or marinate plants.

This book is designed for both the novice and the DIY enthusiast!

Authors: David Melbeck, Silvain Leparoux
Publisher: La Salamandre
Publication date: April 2021
Collection: Practical guides
Number of pages: 204
Format: 19.2 x 25 x 2 cm

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