Organic Cocoon

Incense & Patchouli Flower Candle

24,99 €

The powerful and sweet scent of organic Frankincense and Patchouli essential oils promotes spiritual awakening and a meditative state.
Free yourself from the tensions of everyday life!

This colourful flower candle is ideal for your meditation and yogasessions.
All products are handmade in Vincennes.

This plant-based soy wax candle measures:
Small - 7.5cm diameter.
Medium - 13cm diameter.
It can burn for up to 20 hours.
The duration cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the atmosphere in your home.
The crackling wick is made of natural wood from ecologically managed forests.
The container is made of Limoges porcelain.
The dried flowers used come from French farms.

Dnot recommended for pregnant women under 3 months
Tolerated by babies and children

Maintenance tips
Soy vegetable wax is very easy to clean: a little warm soapy water and that's it!

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