Organic Cocoon

Winter Flower Candle

26,99 €

This flowery candle with a slightly spicy scent is a limited edition.
A golden floral arrangement to complete your decoration!

All creations are handmade near Paris.
Each piece is unique and made in France.

This plant-based soy wax candle measures 7.5 cm in diameter.
It will last for about 20 hours.
The duration cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the atmosphere in your home.
The crackling wick is made of natural FSC wood.
The container is made of white Limoges porcelain.
The dried flowers come from small French producers.

At least 98% of the ingredients are of natural and vegetable origin.
Vegan / Crueltyfree: free of animal materials and cruelty to animals.

Soy vegetable wax is very easy to clean: a little warm soapy water and that's it! 

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