Cocoon Spirit

Pure Mist of the Lakes Candle

48 €

Nature awakens at the edge of the misty lake, the scent of the fir trees floods in
the air with its unique freshness, contemplate the landscape, it is here, all
A beautiful awakening, a fragrance that is intoxicating with its
simplicity, woody aromatic with notes of bark, dry wood, forest
and wild moss.

Let yourself be carried away by the natural delicacy of this candle.

Handmade candle made of 100% natural vegetable wax.
170g and approx. 40 hours of combustion.

PREMIUM soy wax guaranteed without GMO - Grasse fragrance - cotton wick.
For your satisfaction and the optimization of your candle burning:
Never allow the candle to burn for more than 4 hours at a time for the first 2 thirds and 2 hours for the last third.
Never allow the last cm of wax to burn off, as this could damage the glass.
After burning, regularly and gently cut the wick to about 0.5 cm from the wax base.

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