Ambres Distillery

Calvados Amber XIV

189 €
A witness to the history of the House, this calvados is the result of the patient elaboration of some remarkable eaux-de-vie from 2004, 2005 and 2006 distilled and aged at the Manoir des Ambres. It has an orange color with mahogany highlights. On the nose, its sumptuous, powerful and complex bouquet combines buttery aromas of English toffees and rancio with subtle flavors of candied fruits wrapped in vanilla. On the palate, this perfectly structured calvados reveals its high volume in a harmony as melting as sophisticated, sublimated by a great length.


14 years old.
Appellation Calvados Pays d'Auge Contrôlée.
Distilled and aged on the property.

Robe : Brilliant, intense orange, mahogany nuances
Nose : Powerful, very woody, very engaging, with notes of toffee (coffee/caramel), rancio, toast, vanilla and spices (cinnamon), accompanied by nuances of fruits in brandy.
Palate: Great complexity, very structured, voluminous, elegant, rancio, vanilla, same aromas as the nose.

Enjoy the Ambre XIV, a real tasting calvados, alone or with a square of intense dark chocolate .

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