Germination cups

14,99 €

The germination cup size S is the perfect size for germinating tree seeds such as acorns, chestnuts or chestnuts, for small cacti or succulents growing with their roots in water, or for small flower bulbs such as muscari, crocus or snowdrops. It can also be used to make cuttings easily.

If you want to grow larger seeds such as avocado pits or tulip bulbs, order size L instead.  

It is made of porcelain, handmade in the EU and comes in a black gift box with instructions.
The box contains :

  • 1 porcelain germination dish with a small opening.
  • Detailed instructions to teach you how to germinate many types of plants and root cuttings.

This is the perfect gift for any plant lover who wants to add more green to their life. It allows you to watch your new plant and seeds grow, with a perfect view of the roots growing in the water.

Additional information
Weight 70g
Dimensions 11x 11x 3 cm

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