Rock Crystal #032S

380 €

The rock crystal sphere is a harmonising and energy rebalancing element with a reassuring and soothing aesthetic.

This mineral stimulates our feelings and amplifies them.

Cut in the shape of a sphere with a diameter of about 2.5 to 3 cm,
weight about 26 to 31 grams.
Each crystal is absolutely unique and varies in shape and weight.
Mounted on a 24k fine gold wire in yellow gold colour.
80 cm long gold-plated chain, adjustable thanks to a lobster clasp passing through the links of the chain.
Hand-assembled in our Parisian workshops.
Each piece of jewellery is delivered with its pouch, its serial number as well as its properties and its origin.
Origin: Brazil

Care instructions
Purify your crystal on first use and as soon as the need arises, by soaking it for a few minutes in distilled water. Dry with a soft cloth.


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