The Cyanotype set - a complete kit for making beautiful prints

49,99 €

Do you dream of creating your own unique art prints? With this Cyanotype kit you have everything you need to create beautiful mini works of art, at home, using only sunlight and small leaves or plants.

The kit contains
An instruction booklet available in English, French, German and Dutch.
200ml of cyanotype emulsion in powder form, just add water.
A glass print frame.
24 sheets of assorted papers with different textures.
A foam brush.
A measuring cup, mixing cup and gloves.
Bonus: each kit also contains a print of a cyanotype made by Botanopia, as an example.

Dimensions: 33 x 24 x 55cm

Additional information
Cyanotype is a photographic printing technique, using sunlight, which produces a cyan blue print.

This process was discovered in 1842 and has been widely used by artists and photographers, but also by engineers, to create copies of technical drawings at an affordable price.

Anna Atkins is considered the first female photographer, and has published a beautiful book entitled British Seaweed Photographs: Cyanotype Prints, which documents the forms of local seaweed varieties. With our kit, you can use exactly the same technique to create your own blue prints with plants.

The 200 ml of emulsion is enough to expose not only the 24 cards included, but also much more. You can then try it on your own paper or textile (natural fibres such as cotton or silk). The active powder products can be stored for many years. Once mixed, each bottle of solution can be stored (separately) for about a year.

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