Cyanotype The Storytellers

210 €

A poster that makes the elements, water, sun and vegetation dance. This natural photo is made using the cyanotype technique. An old monochrome photographic printing process in Prussian blue that works thanks to a photosensitive mixture activated by sunlight. Through this photographic series of cyanotypes, we travel through the fields to a world imbued with poetry celebrating nature, water and solar chemistry. The result is almost magical, unique to each poster, where these bouquets of light are revealed by the hypnotic contrast of soft yet intense blue. The poster is hand framed, without glass to highlight the mattness of the blue and on its back a small story is engraved. A poetic ode to our beautiful, creative and surrounding nature.

Original cyanotype - Alternative sunlight photography technique.
Paper support 100% cotton, 300 grams, made in France
Handmade frame, without glass (to emphasize the brightness of the blue), gummed kraft finish, medium background with engraved story with wall hanging

Engraved story
"Let thepure breath of nature's talesresound on the paths, meadows and forests,
Let us be guided by the silent voices of those who have so much to say,
Words still misunderstood, laid down by a complicit sun,
Revealed later, further on,
When the blue contours of their stories merge with the lapping of the water
No more picking. Just collect. Shadows and lights.
Just what they have to tell us
Go and listen, go and glean
The whispers of an enchanted nature
And suspend time
And surprise the winds
An echo, in imprint on the paper"


Framed size: 24 x 30 cm
Approximate size of the photograph: 14.5 x 19.5cm

Limited Edition

1 piece

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