Xavier Poux, Marielle Court and Pierre-Marie Aubert (Author)

Tomorrow, an agro-ecological Europe

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The time has come for agroecology to change scale: a completely agroecological production, free of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, is now possible throughout Europe. At the heart of this model, supported by a new generation of farmers and agronomists, is the disappearance of industrial livestock farming, which makes it possible to be self-sufficient in fodder and improves Europe's contribution to the world food balance. Far from being reserved for a few pioneering farms, agroecology can profoundly transform our landscapes for the greater benefit of the climate, our health and that of the fauna and flora. Based on quantified modelling, this book also explores the modes of social and economic organisation and the political choices that can make this scenario plausible and desirable.
We have ten years to get Europe on the road to agro-ecology so that by 2050 the hypothesis becomes reality.

The Domaine des Etangs is cited as an example of its commitment to environmentally friendly agriculture that promotes biodiversity.
By Xavier Poux and Pierre-Marie Aubert with the participation of Marielle Court
Edition: Actes Sud
Number of pages: 320 pages
Format: 14 x 19 cm

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