Florence Pinaud (Author)

Between two infinities

15,90 €

It's not easy to imagine infinity... How tiny are we compared to a planet? How big are the cells that make up the human body? From the elementary particle to the galaxy, an unprecedented journey in several dimensions.

In the universe, there is the infinitely large: planets, stars, galaxies, black holes... A world of which we know only a tiny part and where we count in light years. And there is the infinitely small: molecules, cells, elementary particles, quarks... Another world that we have not finished discovering either. And what about us? A book to help us better understand and apprehend the complexity of the universe.

From 10 years old
Author: Florence Pinaud
Illustration: Jeanne Detallante
Publisher: Actes Sud Junior
Publication date: April 2019
Number of pages: 56
Format: 23 x 23cm

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