Les Créations Dragonfly

Envolée - jewelry box

130 €

This box is a real jewel, in itself, which perfectly combines the charm of Limoges porcelain with the delicacy of its dragonfly.

Entirely handcrafted and painted, it will add an elegant touch to your home. Whether you use it to hold your most precious treasures or coordinate it with your coffee/tea set as a sugar bowl or candy dish.

An original and refined box, resulting from meticulous work and exceptional know-how. This "Envolée" box will charm you with its clean lines and contemporary design.

By Serge Nicole

Porcelain box with hand gilded dragonfly

H 7,5 x W 8cm x D 6,5cm

Care instructions
Porcelain is highly scratch and heat resistant. Your porcelain objects can be cleaned with a soft brush or a sponge soaked in soapy water and then rinsed with clear water. Metal cleaning sponges and other abrasive products are not suitable and may cause differences in shine or degradation of the enamel.

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