Jack of Spades

George - The computer cover

175 €

George Sand is a talented woman, driven by the desire to write, but trapped by the female condition of this century. She therefore decided to write in the skin of a man. This cover allows her to be free to write what she wants and to avoid censorship.
She inspired this George computer cover to Valet de pique. U
way to honor and commemorate her work and especially her passion for writing. "Remembrance is the perfume of the soul."

This simple and elegant leather pouch will be perfect for carrying your everyday items. Without lining, for an authentic aspect and to allow to appreciate the smell of the leather, it will patina with time, thus bringing even more charm and character. Its size will allow you to accommodate a tablet or a computer up to 15 inches.

Clutch bag handmade in Paris, France
Full grain leather, vegetable tanned
2 colors available: Chocolate or Honey

Outside: 39x29 cm
Inside: 36,5 x 27,5 cm

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