Les Créations Dragonfly

Precious Herbarium - Flat

350 €

A porcelain dish with a simple and natural design that is appreciated for its refined and sensitive aesthetics. The motifs on this series are a tribute to our surrounding nature in bloom. They have been hand drawn with gold thread and combine modernity and quality. This dish with gold or platinum patterns that match your tableware will allow you to create aesthetic tables for everyday use as well as for festive occasions. It will bring a touch of conviviality and a timeless chic.

Porcelain from the Factory
By Cyprien Chabert

Bowl dish with motifs designed by Cyprien Chabert

H 8,5 x D 37 cm

Care instructions
Delicate and fragile, porcelain must be cleaned with care Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. We do not recommend putting your porcelain pieces in the oven or microwave as they are decorated with precious metals which would not withstand this treatment.

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