On the Wild side

Skin care oil

39 €
An ultra-fine care oil, suitable for all skin types and enriched with active ingredients from wild plants, beech buds and birch sap, which will regenerate, strengthen, plump and refine the skin texture.
Formula based on wild plants with exceptional regenerating and revitalising properties. Suitable for all skin types: Dry, non-greasy texture that leaves a silky finish on the skin.
A natural, delicate and addictive fragrance of sweet almond and plum.


Organic formula, 100% natural origin, zero synthetic ingredients, vegan.
100% French manufacturing in a short circuit. 
FSC cardboard box: for every tree cut, a tree replanted.


Plum oil, sunflower oil and apricot oil soften and nourish.
Grape seed oil, olive oil and linseed oil prevent skin ageing.
Sweet almond oil and borage oil soothe and protect.
Hazelnut oil regulates sebum.
Two active ingredients from wild plants: beech bud and birch sap. In synergy, these two active ingredients allow:
The improvement of cell regeneration.
The reinforcement of the skin's barrier function.
The slowing down of the oxidative stress process.

The care oil is 100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert.

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