Hive Bubbles

Lime Blossom Mead

12 €
Bulles de Ruche completely refreshes the conception of mead and gives it a light, sparkling texture, a low alcohol content and a genuine aromatic freshness for a modern drink.

The aromas of this linden honey cuvée are carried by vegetal notes of thyme, rosemary or freshly cut grass. Hive Bubbles Lime Blossom invites you to a refined and light tasting.

The Bulles de Ruche cuvées can be enjoyed chilled, as an aperitif or during celebrations!

75cl bottle
Sparkling, natural, slightly alcoholic (4.5%), gluten-free, no sulphites, no added flavourings, no preservatives; low in calories; from the pure fermentation of honey.
Lime tree from the Halatte forest in Picardy.
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Vegetal, thyme, rosemary, undergrowth, mint
Palate : Fine bubbles, pronounced aromatic intensity, vegetal and botanical, finish with honey notes

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