Pierre Ducrozet and Julieta Canepa (Author)

I am in the world

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I am in the world proposes a dive into biodiversity, the world of the living, and a reflection on the place of the human being in this whole. The text, both precise and ethereal, is a humble attempt to begin this common reflection with a ten-year-old child, immersing us in the forest, the seas or the cities. This journey is punctuated by six great poetic and scientific immersions in the Coral Reef, the Amazon jungle, the Barcelona market, the continent of plastic or the ice floe.

From 9 years

Authors: Pierre Ducrozet and Julieta Canepa
Illustration: Stéphane Kiehl
Publisher: Actes Sud Junior
Publication date: March 2021
Number of pages: 64
Format: 20 x 33cm

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