Sophie Vissiere (Illustration)

La Belle Equipée

17,90 €

Martha, Charlie and Adama have the crazy idea of building a boat to escape from the colony where they are confined and deprived of canoeing. Charlie fetches the wood and other materials, Martha the transport, and Adama the survival equipment.

The three children's research, their application, their wonder and their complicity follow one another in parallel scenes. But, when they get together once the mission is accomplished, it's a tragedy: Charlie has forgotten what to make for the mast, the sail and the oars!

 Three children are punished, their imagination springs to life, and they embark on the construction of a boat to take to the sea!

From 5 years

Illustration : Sophie Vissiere
Publisher : Hélium
Publication date : June 2020
Number of pages : 128
Format : 18 x 22 cm

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