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The Snail's Quest - Game of Goose

42,90 €

The game that makes you want to go for a walk in nature!
This game of the snail is an original wooden game of the goose that allows you to discover nature while having fun, thanks to questions and funny challenges.

The box contains:
1 wooden board to be assembled like a puzzle (36 x 26.5 cm).
6 counters and 1 dice in solid wood from the Jura.
130 questions about nature (2 levels).
50 creative challenges (mime, debate, word-mystery...).
30 (mis)adventure cards ("luck" cards).
1 organic cotton storage bag 1 sheet with the rules of the game.

Wooden Goose game on the theme of Nature, made in France
From 6 years old, for the whole family
From 2 to 6 players

19,5×26,5×6 cm

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