Thierry Marx (Author)

The Dragonfly Strategy

17 €

When the dragonfly is confronted with an obstacle, its first move is to change its axis. Without ever going backwards, it tests a passage from above, then from below, from right to left and from left to right, until it finds the solution.
In other words, the dragonfly shows itself capable of taking distance. When we move along a path, we encounter a number of obstacles. In reality, these are not obstacles but facts. And these are not negotiable. The best way to look at them is always to look for the potential they conceal.

In La Stratégie de la libellule, Thierry Marx develops all the key words that have enabled him to build and refine his philosophy.
From martial arts to business, from failure to meditation and rigour, he looks back at what inspired him and what helps him stick to his project every day.
If you could use this book in a small way to create opportunities, it would have achieved its purpose. Then we can thank the dragonflies.

Author: Thierry Marx
Publisher: Le Cherche-Midi
Release date: October 2018
Number of pages: 160
Size: 15 x 20 cm

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