Peter Wohlleben (Author)

The secret life of trees

29,90 €

Trees have a lot to teach us.

In this book, Peter Wohlleben invites us to discover and marvel. Thanks to him, trees, those companions who often go unnoticed, regain their power and majesty. Based on his personal experience as a forestry engineer as well as on the latest scientific research on forests and trees, this book will help you to discover all the little unsuspected secrets that are hidden in the woods. The connections, invisible to our eyes, are numerous and surprising: from communication between neighbours to the care that a parent can have for his heirs, all aspects of the forest are dealt with, all with the talent of a born populariser! You will never walk through the forest with the same eyes again. 

Author: Peter Wohlleben
Translation: Corinne Tresca
Publisher: Les Arènes Eds
Publication date: October 2017
Number of pages: 334
Size: 22 x 27cm

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