Alain Baraton

The Lovers' Dictionary of Trees

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"Where there are no trees, there is no life" writes Alain Baraton. The subject of all passions, trees have given him the desire for eternity. As a true guardian angel of trees, he describes his unconditional love of nature and plants from A to Z in this loving and passionate dictionary! "It was when I discovered the park of Versailles that I became a tree lover. I had certainly not waited until I started working to love them, but I did not look at them attentively, they were simply part of my décor.
When I became a gardener in 1976, I was asked to plant first a few, then many. That's when I wanted to know everything about them: their native land, the origin of their names, the medicinal properties of their leaves, the colour of their flowers and the taste of their fruit. The world of trees is truly extraordinary. There is hardly a month without learning something about these plants that can live for a thousand years or more.
Trees have given me the desire for eternity. They have given me patience, wisdom and an idea of immortality.

Author: Alain Baraton
Publisher: Plon
Publication date: May 2021
Collection: Dictionnaire Amoureux
Number of pages: 448
Format: 13,3 x 20,1 x 2,3 cm

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