Enzo Mari (Author)

Le jeu des Fables - Book

28 €
Les Fables d'Enzo Mari is a construction game and an imagination challenge. With this game, you invent a story using printed tablets to be assembled. Each element is illustrated with wild animals, farm animals, forest animals, plants and accessories. These colourful characters are the heroes of the stories to be invented. The cards are linked together using the notches on the shelves to bring the story to life. The cards are printed on the front and back to create multiple combinations and new stories. It's a very fun game for children, easy to handle to stimulate their creativity. A great idea if you are looking for a gift that is out of the ordinary.
Book - art education game for children (3-9 years)

Author: Enzo Mari
Edition: Le Seuil, 2005

Number of pages: 12
Format: 6 rectangular cards / 32 x 16 cm

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