Pierre Lieutaghi

The book of trees, shrubs and bushes

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Published for the first time in 1969, Le Laye des arbres, arbustes et arbrisseaux, which combined the scope and rigour of the information with a form accessible to a wide audience, a work of botany and ethnobotany but also an attempt at writing, quickly appeared as the richest French-language synthesis in its field.

Descriptive flora with identification keys for all the woody plants of France (including the Mediterranean region) and the countries of middle Europe, developing, where necessary, interesting points about their biology, ecology or distribution. The work also deals with the main aspects of their encounter with societies, both historically and nowadays: craft and industrial uses, medicinal and food uses, "folklore", beliefs and symbols.

A critical bibliography and thematic index add to the book's interest as a research tool. Having become one of the most sought-after works in post-war French naturalist publishing, Le livre des arbres, arbustes et arbrisseaux has finally been reissued. Awarded the Prix du Conseil de la Société botanique de France in 1971, this book remains a reference text for anyone interested in the woody plants of our climates, at a time when their future is no longer self-evident, and when it is appropriate to reconsider the future of trees with the best possible reference points.

Author: Pierre Lieutaghi
Publisher: Actes Sud
Publication date: October 2019
Number of pages: 1322
Format: 26 x 31cm

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