Christine Rollard (Author)

The silky world of spiders

12,90 €

They are the victims of many preconceived ideas about their appearance, their potential danger, their way of life... Who are these little-known animals, often feared, always admired for their silk work? Spiders - or aragnes in old French - suffer from a bad reputation and hasty generalizations about their habits. Yet the diversity of these arachnids is great and their role as predators indispensable to the natural balance. So why not let yourself be carried along by their silky threads and take a new look at them by sweeping away the false clichés?
A surprising, explosive and fascinating little book by the great spider specialist, Christine Rollard.

Author: Christine Rollard
Publisher: Bayard
Release date: April 2021
Number of pages: 90
Size: 12 x 17cm

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