Jaune de Chrome

The Cylindrical Mug - more colours

90 €
Jaune de chrome is a porcelain house that perfectly combines modernity and traditional know-how. The application of enamel on Limoges porcelain is a technical feat that has made the brand famous. For decades, this porcelain house has been offering original products of high quality, with particular attention to the delicate finishing touches. Like this cylindrical mug made of Limoges porcelain. Its Aguirre colour gives it a raw and unique style. Ideal for creating a table inspired by nature and playing with materials. It is an object inherited from a very specific know-how, to offer a moment to yourself around a delicious tea or a tasty coffee. 


Cylindrical mug in Limoges Porcelain.
Enamelled porcelain
Chrome yellow
D : 8,5cm
30 cl

Care instructions
As a general rule, avoid leaving acidic or staining preparations such as marinades, salad dressings, tea or coffee in the dishes - rinse them in hot water after use.
Like all white porcelain, most Chrome Yellow glazes are fired at very high temperatures, making them particularly resistant. They can be used regularly and washed daily in the dishwasher. Can be microwaved.

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