The Vide Poche Libellule

152 €
Inspired by the dragonfly, the muse of the Domaine des Etangs, this Limoges Porcelain pouch is an accessory as beautiful as it is practical. Its fine gold finish is delightful and adds an original touch to an elegant and authentic style. Placed on a table or a desk, it fits delightfully into your decoration. It is an object that is an easy gift to give and that one always enjoys receiving.


Rectangular Limoges Porcelain ashtray with a 1.4mm gold border and a gold dragonfly.
Very decorative on a coffee table or chest of drawers, this object is an easy gift to give and always a pleasure to receive.
20 x 16 cm

Maintenance tips
By choosing Bernardaud, you have opted for a quality product. Bernardaud porcelain is also practical, easy to use on a daily basis and is perfectly suited to the dishwasher and the traditional oven.

All Bernardaud porcelain pieces, whether tableware, jewellery, candles, lamps, vases or other decorative objects, can be cleaned very easily with a soft sponge, lukewarm water and standard washing-up liquid. However, be careful not to use the abrasive side of the sponge, which can scratch or damage the surface of the decorations, especially gold and platinum.

You can also safely put your porcelain in the dishwasher! Make sure you choose a low temperature programme and do not exceed the recommended amount of detergent. If you do not clean it immediately (by hand or in the dishwasher), we recommend that you rinse it in hot water. Make sure that the parts do not clash in the machine.

If your gold or platinum service is not used regularly or if it is stored in a damp room, the gold or platinum may tarnish. The metal can also develop a patina from being rubbed by cutlery. In this case, it is sufficient to pamper it with a soft cloth and a few drops of silver polish. Afterwards, there is nothing like frequent use to keep it looking its best!

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