Frédéric Lenoir (Author)

Open letter to the animals (and to those who love them)

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"We are probably witnessing, and I wish with all my heart, the passage to a higher ethical stage where humanistic thinking emancipates itself from its anthropocentric framework to extend to all sentient beings that inhabit the Earth. From then on, being "human" no longer meant simply respecting other human beings, but every living being, according to its degree of sensitivity and consciousness. Life has expressed itself on Earth in a rich diversity. Since human beings are now the most conscious and powerful species, may they use their strength not to exploit and destroy these life forms, but to protect and serve them. For me, this is our most beautiful vocation: protectors and servants of the world. Frédéric Lenoir

Author : Frédéric Lenoir
Publisher: Fayard
Publication date: September 2017
Number of pages: 220
Size: 14 x 19cm

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