Anne de Vandière

Premium Book - Tribes of the World - Exhibition

140 €

A book of photographs that retraces the Tribes of the World installation by Anne de Vandière hosted from September to December 2017 at La Laiterie du Domaine des Etangs®. It is a 580-page invitation to travel, to meet men and women from contemporary tribes around the world. Under the eye of photography, the stories of peoples, their ancestral know-how and the richness of our humanity blend together. Black and white portraits that honour the guardians of a universal and intangible heritage.

Book of the exhibition Tribu/s du Monde by Anne de Vandière.
Premium Edition
Book published by the Association Tribu/s du Monde.
Number of pages: 580 pages.

From September to December 2017, La Laiterie du Domaine des Etangs® hosted the photographic installation Tribu/s du Monde.

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