Light of hope - Artistic Herbarium

1.305 €

Born in the highlands of the Vercors, Léa Layeux alias Oxaléa has learned about life in the forest: the fauna, the tree species, the plants, the mushrooms. Deeply convinced that it is urgent to transform the fear of the unknown by a better knowledge of nature in order to preserve it, Oxaléa works on awareness and education through discovery.
Her works are first and foremost the result of a sense of wonder, an encounter on the edge of the path that captures the senses and reveals the beauty of the microscopic. Inspired by the arrangement of foliage, grasses or bark, Oxaléa composes paintings from the plants she collects with respect.
The subject is teasing, sometimes indirect and subtle, but it deals with our relationship to nature with certainty. Her message is determined and luminous: "It is time to observe what is at our feet before we look up to the sky.  

Artistic Herbarium - pine cone scales and Oxalis gilded with 24 carat gold leaf, plants handpicked in Vallorcine (France).
White matte frame, glass window.
Unique piece made in France.


Maintenance advice
For an optimal conservation of your herbarium, the frame must be protected from UV rays and exposed in a room protected from humidity.

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