Peter Wohlleben

Walking in the woods, a guide to the forest

24,90 €

With Peter Wohlleben, walking in the woods becomes an adventure, a game, a wonder and a pleasure for all senses. The outings, alone or with the family, are an opportunity to explore, to learn, to taste... A thousand and one tricks await you: how to make chewing gum out of resin, imitate the bellowing of a deer with a beech leaf, cut whistles out of willow branches.
How to avoid getting your feet wet. Detecting flies, horseflies and ticks. Identifying footprints in the mud. Install a nesting box. Or how to cut your own firewood. Humans are an integral part of the forest ecosystem. But they must find their rightful place in it. This richly illustrated book is designed to help them do so, with a lot of enthusiasm and a few key words: respect, curiosity and freedom.

Author: Peter Wohlleben
Translation: Hélène Boisson
Publisher: Arènes
Publication date: April 2021
Number of pages: 298
Format: 17 x 22 x 2,8 cm

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