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Narration - Carpet

5.500 €

Narration is a carpet with a cotton cord pattern, created using a new technique. This innovative and surprising creation was created from a hybrid material: regen. A non-woven and non-knitted textile developed by the artist Wendy Andreu. She combines cotton rope and silicone to create 2D or 3D textile objects. Circular or rectangular, the Regen Narration rugs are reminiscent of the surrealist works of automatic writing or aboriginal arts that bring the subject to its very essence. A sinuous thread which, from volutes to arabesques, draws little by little a dream in which the imagination of each one is built. A decorative object that gives a natural and modern touch to your interior. Available in round or rectangular shape.

By Wendy Andreu

Carpet patterned with cotton rope and latex.

Round carpet
D 180 cm
Rectangular carpet
L 300 x 200cm

Care instructions
To care for your carpet, you can gently rub the material with a damp sponge and some Marseille soap and then rinse with clear water. It is important not to get the cotton too wet, as the silicone is water resistant. 


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