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Nova - Tray

3.500 €
The Nova tray is a puzzle of refinement. Made of oak and sycamore maple marquetry, it has integrated velvet leather coasters. A beautiful and practical object where the natural veins of the wood play with the clouds, the star-studded coasters offer a puzzle of the universe on a night sky. Elegant and noble, it reveals the birth of a star under its coasters.
Nova allows, according to the format declined in two sizes, to present the liqueur glass or the glass, more ample, of the cocktails or amber alcohols.

Drevelle Workshops
By Stéphane Parmentier


Small tray with integrated coasters in oak and sycamore maple marquetry with velvet leather underside
Oak, sycamore maple and velvet leather
Size S
H 2 x W 25,5 x D 13,3
Size L
H 2,9 x W 40.2 x D 21

Care instructions
Sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, we advise against placing your wooden objects in front of a source of high heat or direct light, as this may cause discolouration of the wood species. We advise you to clean your wooden object with a soft and dry cloth. As our wooden creations and marquetry are deliberately treated without varnish, we advise you not to apply any maintenance product at the risk of seeing an indelible stain appear.

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